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Our Thrust:


  • Create the hyper-human society by mid-century.

This includes the hyper-human economy (picked as #1 trend by World Future Society) plus social dimensions. The key is to help people manage their minds and actions for a world that works.

In the hyper-human society a majority of the population will interact with one another synergistically in ways that leverage creativity, discovery, social skills, responsibility, and other highly human qualities unique to people and hard for electronic systems to emulate.


  • Help business create "automatic abundance in a green world" -- with most operations "running on automatic," employment upgraded to hyper-human functions, and the environment in balance. The next-generation economic engine will deliver the necessities of life to all, with an end to pollution, poverty, and economically-motivated conflict. In pilot initiatives the new model can be in place by 2020, with substantial adoption by 2050.
  • Help the economy shift to synergistic competition, based on growing abundance, and away from trauma-prone competition based on scarcity -- by 2050.

  • Help key developers create socially positive technologies without negative side-effects -- ones that no longer endanger the environment, health, or social stability, yielding a sustainable world -- by 2070.

  • Help people shift to the "next level" of highly-human performance (mental, social, and spiritual) by facilitating appropriate education; health services; bio-enhancement; and universal access to electronic intelligence embedded in networks and the environment -- by 2070.

  • Spark a global network of "intercommunities" to emplower people to earn, learn, and build rich cultural relationships never before widely possible. Local agriculture will be promoted along with broadband networking. Each intercommunity will be a transformed city or smaller community that is optimized for human synergy, energy-efficiency, and environmental friendliness. Budding model intercommunities are already in place; more robust ones can be created by 2015, with global dominance of the form well before 2100.

    NOTE: The target dates are estimates. Participating organizations and individuals could achieve the goals a decade or so earlier, at the turn of the century, or never.


  • We employ unique principles of mind extension to boost business success, marketing results, and social progress. Our Mental Leverage process makes people more effective and valuable, while permitting the simultaneous "off-peopling" of tasks that can be automated or eliminated.

Our Special Role:

Since our mission and goals are very broad, we can hardly "do everything." So we limit ourselves to germinal and advisory contributions. EraNova's associates and affiliates provide --

  • Theory -- intelligence on trends, hyper-human methods and technologies, and progress toward business and social goals.

  • Basic Services -- Assistance to organizations, including --
    • Consulting -- for developing strategic focus and programs in employee development, marketing, and other areas to accelerate productivity improvement and bottom-line results.
    • Product Creation -- the development of key physical products, systems, and services for client companies, consistent with our goals.
    • Presentations -- lectures, public addresses, and workshops on our concepts and methods, for companies and non-profit organizations.

  • Resources -- publications and access to software that enables accelerating returns through Mental Leverage.

  • Opportunities -- special projects and opportunity areas that have high profit potential and address equally high social needs.

We also provide linkage to a growing set of related organizations around the world. These affiliates offer special technology, knowledge, products, or services to help other organizations (and individuals) achieve accelerated returns through mental leverage.

In capsule --

Our role is to provide the comprehensive guidance needed to achieve the sustainable highly-human future we all want.

EraNova's Staff:

  Richard W. Samson (Director)
Author of books & human development systems.
Expert on mental skills, human effectivenes, and user interfaces. Developer of programs bridging human and technological performance, for IBM, AT&T, Hoffmann LaRoche, Pitney Bowes, and other leading organizations.
  Anthony Spina, Ph.D.
Over 25 years spearheading organizational effectiveness, education & training, change management, information technology, market research, and marketing for major business organizations including AT&T. An expert on maximizing value from limited resources, in the community as well as business.
Photo of Bruce Worrall   Bruce Worrall
Has initiated cutting-edge market initiatives with Fortune 500 companies and new ventures; participated in startup initiatives in association with Microsoft, Fairmarket, AT&T, Prodigy, and other technology providers. A business-savvy entrepreneur and connection-maker between companies that create and deploy new technology.

Contact us:

142 Morris Ave., Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046

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